Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking More About the Move

It's terrifying, anxiety producing, exhilarating... a mix of emotions, fears, aspirations, uncertainties.  As a friend told me today, "absolutely nothing in my life is for certain right now, but when is it ever."  It isn't.  But this is still a bit out of the ordinary, picking up and moving abroad with no concrete plan.  I wish more people would do it.  At the very least, I hope tons of people come visit and keep me company while I'm there!

A few days ago I did some searching for blogs of people living in Costa Rica.  I found a site with a bunch of interviews with people who have completely re-located.  It was both inspiring and curious to read their stories.  Moving to a new country, even after 23 years of life, is such a daunting task.  Many of these people didn't move until their 40s or retired there.  (Not to mention the millions of people who immigrate to the United States- I have tremendous respect for each of them).

One of the gems I pulled from these interviews was the English language daily newspaper, The Tico Times. I think it'll be a good introduction the the country and being an ex-pat there (although I wont REALLY be an ex-pat... this is not a permanent move, not now at least!)

Last night I met Ami- I'll be working with him on some of the marketing and trip design for the farm.  He'll actually be down at the farm soon after I arrive which will be really nice- it's always nice to have a familiar face in the beginning.  Plus, he's done a lot of travel within Costa Rica and will have a lot of recommendations on what to see and how to get around.

We talked about setting up a YOGA VACATION- not a retreat, not 12 hours of yoga a day.  Just a vacation that includes yoga on a daily basis.  It would also include rafting, dancing, horseback riding, farming... I think it would be AMAZING and I'm looking forward to working with him on it.  If you know of anyone that may be interested in coming down for a week in December, please contact me (that's the time frame we're thinking for that particular trip). 

On that note: you, my readers, can come live on the farm ANY. TIME.YOU. WANT.  I am personally looking forward to a fairly low-key existence, lots of physical labor, meditation, yoga, etc.  But I'm always down to travel too.  So whether you come stay at the farm or we adventure through the country, I am more than happy to have you, in fact, I'm begging you.  And I promise, it will be one of the most inexpensive ways to leave the country.  So come, keep me company, and bring friends!

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