Friday, July 1, 2011

Plan an Anniversary Party for Mom and Dad... 40 years!

Well, like many things on the list, this did not happen the way it was intended to, at all.  When I wrote the list, I had a nice job, a good salary, and money in savings.  I wanted to do it up for them- they are my parents after all.  They birthed me, raised me, continue to love and support me (mush city!!!!!).  I wanted to give back.  Apparently my 23rd year isn't going to be about giving back.  It's going to be about being very close to the poverty line in another country.

Anyways, this is not about me. 

What I can do for them is cook, and cook I shall.  Between my sister and I, we will prepare 700 appetizers for the 70 guests (this will be quite the feat).  That means around 350 bite-sized bits of wonder all to be prepared next Saturday for the most part.  Originally, my parents were set on ordering some sandwich trays from Subway or something :(  I convinced them to be just a bit classier.  Here's hoping it all works out well. 

I am excited to see my family, all one million of them, especially now that I'm moving abroad.  I also get to see Jimmy!!!

I am so sick of these posts without pictures.  This is my promise to take my camera around with me this weekend! 

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