Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

a long phone conversation with Brittany Jackson (why don't we talk more often?) - George Bayuga - a good interview that you leave feeling better than when you went in - when the sun comes out even though its been cloudy all day - working in coffee shops (even if it isn't Cafe Appropos) - meeting my cousin's friend - babysitting - the beautiful pink and white flowers on at least 20% of the tress in DC right now, promising green leaves in no time - homemade pizza - soup - daydreaming about haircuts - smiles from strangers - thinking about Brazil - having a full inbox on gmail - cute dogs, especially golden retriever mixes - a reason to buy new clothes - the promise of wearing sandals in a few weeks - cherry blossoms!

I can't get my photos to load on iphoto which is making finding them very difficult.  Please excuse my photoless posts and I will be posting about my cooking ventures with Alice soon!

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