Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Months Later, A Terrific Tuesday

Wow.  A lot has changed.  I've also failed at one of my goals (which was writing at least twice a month).  But better to try and to fail than to not try at all- I have been saying this a lot lately.  This year has been a lot about trial and error, but it's been fun.  Actually, it's been a blast. 

So here goes attempt 2, and I hope to write even more than twice a month, especially because I have decided to move to COSTA RICA.  As of now, the plan is to move to Finca Rio Perla, a farm near the Perla River between San Jose and Limon, near Siquirres (see a map here).  So how did this happen, you may wonder.

Well, if you were following my blog, you may know that I developed an interest in gardening this year.  The herb garden goal quickly morphed into a container garden which has escalated to a desire to learn about agriculture, perhaps even with an end goal of going back to school or working in sustainable/urban agriculture in the States.

Meanwhile, at my last job, I met a woman, A.D., who introduced me to Paul, the owner of the farm.  She mentioned that Paul was open to having an American down there, and was interested in starting a yoga program.  But that obviously wasn't going to happen- I had a new job, that I liked, I wanted to stay in D.C. for a  year. 

Fast forward through to June.  I am no longer in a relationship, I have quit my job (I am no salesperson), I have been reacquainted with the traveling lifestyle, I am desperate to get out of the States, and I have very little money.  Why not, right? 

So from working for the government, to sales, to starting an herb garden to being single to deciding to move to Costa Rica and learning about permaculture, farming my own food, doing yoga, living in a communal house, eating organic and vegetarian.  It's actually a return to the me I like.  I'm not ready to settle down, I have soooo much adventure left in me. 

I'm going to wrap up this post and then get to updating my progress on other list items ASAP.  Also, I think I may want to get a new camera- awesome photos from Central America to come!


  1. Yaaaaaaay Megan! I'm so happy for you and how badass you've become!

  2. oh, the badass was always in there ;)

    I can't wait to see you!