Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start an herb garden... or a complete container garden?

This past Saturday, I went to the most inspiring lecture about herbs.  You'll notice in the picture below that there are people here, in the DC area, that have a lot of luck growing their own herbs (and there were at least 4 tables full of plants such as these as well as take home treats for the participants). 

Now, I can't tell you I'm not still intimidated and overwhelmed; in fact, I am mostly terrified.  I don't want to fail- no more witnessed plant deaths please?  But I met such wonderful people (and even got some free, started plants like eggplant, mustard greens, and squash) and a few of them agreed to help.  So now, I am the proud gardening buddy of two new friends in MD! Horray! 

See, sometimes I would just get the suggestion: READ this BOOK!  I've learned about myself that I need human interaction to learn, and I would much rather see a demonstration than look at a diagram. So these buddies mean the world to me.  

As for now, I'll start planting spinach, lettuces, and snow peas next week (yep, I've moved beyond herbs into container veggies! Hopefully these guys will help me in the future (see below):

my take home garden collection

I left the Montgomery County Mini-Conference feeling high on gardening, and even daydreaming about going back to school for a degree in agriculture.  Now, if you know me, you know this is a bit odd.  But, I think it just may be the next move...

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  1. you should try mint! it's an invasive species so it's terribly difficult to kill. plus, it's so tasty!

    also, gardening is hard. at least, it is if you're learning how as you go. last summer, i had four tomato plants. two of them ended up getting diseased, and the other two only made about 6 tomatoes total. so, it wasn't a total loss but it is a learning process, nonetheless ;)