Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

-talking on the phone with old friends (Kaitlin) - girlfriends, i.e. friends that are girls :) - visiting my cousin in NYC - coming back to Washington, D.C. - meetup dinner with new Moroccan friends at Souk - speaking Arabic - dogs and dogsitting -

Mabel, my favorite pitbull

-planning a cocktail party for President's Day weekend - having my girlfriends plan a visit to D.C. - smiles, seriously the best thing ever - space heaters, thank god for mine - long hugs with Ben - making plans for the weekend - fried eggs and toast for breakfast - Starbucks Chai Frappacino - cooking with Ben-

Ben and I waiting for our dinner to cook

- THE WEEKEND - gchat - wearing fake eyelashes - nivea chapstick - having a bluetooth - sunshine in the winter - Orangina - heating pads - hot showers - wool socks - putting clean sheets on my bed - finishing all my laundry - spending days off with Ben exploring new neighborhoods - buying flowers for my kitchen -

Flowers from Trader Joe's in my thrift store ceramic vase

Keep reading- I promise I'll be getting back to the list soon! And I've actually made quite a bit of progress.

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  1. Ohh I want that pitbull! It reminds me of the bulldog that lives in my building. AND i got a shout out on your blog. My ego is getting bigger by the minute!

    PS. I'm so excited about the President's Day weekend gala! And maybe perhaps could you make fried eggs when I visit? I loooove fried eggs