Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I've been inspired by other blogs I read to make Thursday a day to reflect on all the things I've loved about this week (it never hurts to focus on the wonderful)!

getting started on The List - having happy hour beers at the new Smith Commons and sitting in super comfy chairs - finding a yoga studio I love, Yoga District - taking a half day and leaving for NYC - cooking dinner, by the recipe, with Ben - having a date night at Marrakesh Palace (which is wonderfully similar to the food we ate in Morocco) - meeting a family that I will be babysitting for and getting lots of love from their pug - leaving work and taking in a beautiful sunny day - crying some much needed tears - lighting a new candle (mistletoe and fig scent) - finding great black boots that fit over my calves - leaving my Christmas tree and enjoying the lights - eating parmesan and garlic potato chips for lunch - finding a new cafe to frequent, Big Bear Cafe - eating ice cream - packing for vacation - having a creative outlet - learning to focus on the good, slowly but surely

Next post coming soon.

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