Monday, January 17, 2011

Marvelous Mondays, First Edition

A lot of the blogs I've been reading for the past few months have publish a weekly list of links to other blogs or websites they've enjoyed looking at during the previous week. I've always liked it, but I didn't realize exactly how much until I got a Droid. In this world of internet inter-connectedness, I find myself wanting to share everything from dog costumes to news items to cute cake decorating. I figure its something like how [boys] can watch video after video on YouTube (and I say boys because most of the people that I know that get into YouTube marathons happen to be male... Ben & Romain come to mind).

Anyways, I love links and in my quest to bring more creativity and inspiration into my life, a commitment to sharing my favorite links each Monday will give me something to look forward to and a chance to share the wonderful things I find each week that I think you'll enjoy too. So, here's the first edition.

Monday, January 17, Martin Luther King Day:

-The Decemberists have reinvented themselves with their new album, The King is Dead. I really appreciate this album, mostly because I have always loved The Decemberists but listening to them always reminds me of the months I spent in Indiana (not to hate on Indiana or the people I met there, but I don't need to relive it). Their new album is a new take on Americana (as opposed to the British folk and rock opera styles of past). Check out a brief story on NPR and you can even sneak a listen to the album here.

-For anyone that's interested in interior design, even casually, this website is AWESOME! I especially like the home tours and the trend watch articles. They also have a kitchen/cooking site too with creative recipes and great writing.

-I’ve been listening to a lot of NPR lately, and for anyone who doesn’t know, NPR offers an hourly news segment around 5 minutes in length. It’s super manageable for anyone, whether you love news or hate it. One of the best things is that it’s audio and you can download the NPR app onto androids and the iPhone really easily. Of course you can also listen to it online here, just choose "Hourly News". They also have a ton a special segments ranging from a minute to an hour in length. The highlights of this week for me were: Pakistan's Lesbians: Live in Silence, Love in Secret; Google's Artificial Intelligence Translates Poetry; and How Many Social Network Identities is Too Many? Thank you NPR for making me a little more aware of the world around me.

-And of course, at least one blog! Read My Marrakesh here.


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