Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Update on the List!

Hold a 1 hour conversation, entirely in Arabic
---- So I don't think I had a blog post dedicated to this topic, but I can honestly check this one off the list.  Thanks to a few friends that I made through the Arabic language meet up group, a lot of flashcards, and listening to more BBC Arabic podcasts than I can to admit, I was successful at speaking for an entire hour in Arabic.

Now, I don't think I could do it again now, which is discouraging, but OK.  I don't know if I'm meant to use Arabic in my professional life.  But I do know that those roots, grammar rules and countless words are buried somewhere in my brain.

Plan an anniversary party for my parents
----  Success!  It wasn't as glamorous as I once hoped, but what ever is?  It was a great party, lots of people, and wonderful food (which I helped put together).  Check out the post here

Get personal training
----  This is EXPENSIVE, and with my life now paycheck to paycheck, it isn't feasible for the long-term.  But I did purchase a LivingSocial deal back in February for Fitness Together which is a one-on-one training facility.  Rates are around $90/hour, woof.  But the two sessions that I went to were both great! For now, I'll stick to running and yoga.  

❒ Run a half marathon

❒ Complete my yoga teaching certification; film myself teaching a class

❒ Go to Brazil
---  I may not make it to Brazil, but I leave for a week in Costa Rica this Friday!

Move in with Ben
----  We moved into an apartment this weekend!  The place is really cool, right near the Capitol.  In fact, I passed it on my way to work this morning.  I don't know that I'll ever stop thinking the Capitol building is super cool. 

❒ Take either a dance or computer class

❒ Take an art class of some sort

❒ Take 3 pictures (or create 3 new art pieces) and frame them for wall art

❒ Try 5 meet-up groups

❒ Read 5 books, that aren't romantic comedies

Start a spice garden
----  I did!  Actually, it was an herb garden, and it became a vegetable garden as well.  Little did I know how horribly hot DC would be- most of my herbs and veggies were unsuccessful (because they were in containers and dried out WAY too quickly.  But, it was definitely a learning experience and I feel much more qualified to try again in the future. 

Host a fancy dinner party while my friend on the West Coast, Alice, prepares the same meal
----  Check!  I cannot believe I never blogged about this.  But we both prepared an excellent Moroccan stew that I ate for weeks.  We even had Moroccan guests that made awesome (and authentic) mint tea.   

❒ Try 15 new restaurants around the DC and share the experience

❒ Find 15 new recipes to try, prepare them, and document the successes (or failures)

❒ Start a blog, and write in it at least twice a month

And the quest continues....

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